When Google finally rolled out the new Search Analytics reporting in its Webmaster Tools suite on May 6th, it afforded many new ways to analyze and report on a site’s organic performance in Google search results (I’m a big fan of the new view).

However, some webmasters and SEOs were confused about a little marker denoting an update on March 31, 2015 in the report.

Here it is:

3-31 update in google webmaster tools


This confusion is understandable, as Google did not announce any updates on this date, nor were there any significant shake ups reported in the SEO industry. To make things worse, if a user hovers over the update, a “learn more” link appears, but it cannot be clicked (at least for now).

However, if you dig through the source code and look for the “learn more” anchor, you’ll find the URL associated with the update.

3-31 update google webmaster tools-2

This page takes you here, with the following message:

March 31

A logging error incorrectly reported a drop in impressions and clicks. No actual drop occurred.

So there you have it. The 3/31 update in Webmaster Tools is a data logging error that under-reported impressions and clicks.

As you were.